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Breed of Animal:	Terrier mix<br />
Animal's name:	Emma<br />
Weight:	30<br />
Gender:	Female<br />
Birthdate:	1-23-15<br />
Outfit Size:	large<br />
Color:	White and black<br />
Collar Size:	Small/medium<br />
Height:	22 1/2 inch<br />
Girth:	23 inch<br />
Length:	20 inch<br />
What can your animal do on command until released? Check all that apply.:	Sit Stay, Stand Stay, Down Stay, Crawl, Pull/pants, toy, Heel, Work outdoors off leash, Lick lips<br />
Check if your animal has a strong discomfort for::	Loud Noises, Drones, Smoke or Fog